Journalist stalked by mailshot menace

An Australian magazine journalist working in the UK has appealed for help in tracking packages sent to editors by someone whom she believes is trying to sabotage her career.

Elisabeth Knowles discovered the problem in June 2006 when staff at a number of her workplaces such as Screen International and Good Housekeeping started getting packages containing doctored copies of her MySpace blog.

The packages were sent from all over the world – but since the harassment started shortly after Knowles moved to the UK from Australia, and because of certain cultural references in the changed blogs – she suspects an Australian is involved.

After contacting the British police, Knowles was told that it was not a British crime and the matter was referred to the Australian police. They concluded that it wasn’t necessarily an Australian problem and that there was no immediate threat to her.

Knowles said the perpetuator was now sending them to random magazines – rather than just previous workplaces – in a bid to ruin her reputation.

Knowles is now trying to retrieve as many packages as she can to use as possible evidence. Anyone who has received a package should get in touch with her at elisabeth.knowles@googlemail.com. The packages are generally A5 or A3 yellow office envelopes of the type commonly used in Australia with a white computer address label in a bold font.

Inside, there have been about 30 pages of pornographic blogs, a doctored profile page and possibly travel brochures.

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