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Journalist shot dead after Moscow press conference

A freelance journalist has been shot dead after a press conference in Moscow.

Anastasia Baburova, working for the Novaya Gazeta – the same paper murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya worked for – was killed alongside Stanislav Markelov, a lawyer.

Markelov acted for the family of a Chechen woman murdered by a Russian army officer.

He had spoken out after the officer, Yuri Budanov, was released early.

He was the first officer to be prosecuted for killing a civilian in the Chechnya war, and was jailed for ten years in 2000, but was released a year early.

Markelov was shot in the head with a pistol after a press conference on the case, and Baburova was seriously injured in the attack, the Associated Press report.

She died a few hours later in hospital.

Investigators say that they are examining several possible motives for the killings.



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