John Evans: News Corp executive in London and New York

John Evans, a former top executive in News Corp, has died in the US from heart failure. He was 66.

Born in Wales, he joined the Murdoch organisation in 1977, when the New York Village Voice, where he was publisher, became part of News Corp.

In 1985, John was named president of the Murdoch Magazine Group, which also published TV Guide, The Star, New Woman, Elle and Seventeen.

When the group was sold in 1990 he moved to London to run the business side of Murdoch’s London publications, including The Times and The Sun.

John returned to the US in 1992 to form the company that would go on put all the Murdoch publications online.

“He was the first person in print publishing who understood what was happening with the internet and publishing,” said Martin Singerman, former publisher of The New York Post.

A Cambridge graduate, John spent several years as a professional yachtsman, before turning to journalism.

Jeffrey Blyth

Jeffrey Blyth

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