Jimmy Carr's father wins seventh newspaper defamation pay-out over Vanessa Feltz column in Express

Jim Carr, father of the comedian Jimmy Carr, has won his seventh apology and settlement for defamation from a national newspaper.

The Daily Express has apologised to Carr senior for a piece by Vanessa Feltz headlined: "Jimmy Carr's dad has a lot to answer for". It falsely stated that he had been unfaithful to his wife.

Previous newspapers to publish apologies and pay damages to Carr senior include The Times, Evening Standard and Sunday Telegraph.

He told Press Gazette he is a fierce supporter of the freedom of the press but is furious about the way he has been treated by Express Newspapers

He said: "Newspapers must not be gagged.

"They must print what they want to but be willing to pay up and move on when they get it wrong.

"All the British newspapers I have sued, save the Express, get this and when they are wrong they admit it, pay up and usually mean what they say in their apologies."

He added: "The Express is more like the paper depicted in the great David Hare play Pravda.

“They get it wrong but are very reluctant to admit it and apologise. They can dish it out but they can’t take it. The hallmark of the bully.

“In my opinion, Vanessa Feltz writes like an internet troll. As well as publishing lies about me, the head of Express legal also insulted my lawyer and defamed him to me in writing and to me.

“My advice to Mr Desmond is to hire a few journalists, rather than sacking them, get the facts right, fire the celeb opinion writers and get a new legal department .”

The damages Carr senior received from the Express will be divided between two charities Family Holiday Association and Families Need Fathers.

Carr said: ‘’It’s an ill wind that blows no good and every time I win damages I give the proceeds to charity.”



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