Jeremy Clarkson is columnist most would pay for online, claims report

Jeremy Clarkson, columnist for the Sun and Sunday Times newspapers, is the national newspaper writer people would be most likely to pay for online, according to a report.

A study by Continental Research suggested that if consumers had to pay to access newspaper websites then a system of micropayment would be more acceptable that any form of subscription service. (The Guardian has the report’s stats on micropayment vs subs).

The report also asked respondents to choose the columnists they would be most likely to read online.

Clarkson was top, followed by the Guardian’s Charlie Brooker and Richard Littlejohn of the Daily Mail.

Top ten national columnists that would make people likely pay to read online:

1. Jeremy Clarkson, the Sun, Sunday Times
2. Charlie Brooker, the Guardian
3. Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail
4. Giles Coren, the Times
5. Simon Heffer, Daily Telegraph
6. Gordon Smart, the Sun
7. Lorraine Kelly, the Sun
8. Peter Hitchens, Mail on Sunday
9. Jane Moore, the Sun
10. Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail

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