Jane's opens Dubai bureau

Journalists covering the war for Jane’s Information Group can now make use of the company’s first office in the Middle East, writes Ruth Addicott.

Located in Dubai, it is Jane’s 10th office worldwide and provides a central point of contact for journalists covering the conflict as well as correspondents in Dubai, Israel, Jordan, Iran and Lebanon.

Jane’s chief executive Alfred Rolington said the plans had been drawn up two years ago.

“Setting up an office out there is not the simplest thing in the world but we didn’t want to back off from all the hard work we had done,” he said. “We felt it was a symbol that we believe there is a long-term future and, as far as we’re concerned, we are intending to stay.”

Jane’s is expected to send out several full-time staff to run the Dubai office. “The Middle East is important not just because of the problems with Palestine, Israel and, of course, oil, but also because of the problems of water. There is going to be a serious water shortage and the ways that plays out will be important for everybody around the region. It is vital that sensible information comes out of there,” he added.

The company’s titles include Jane’s Foreign Report and Jane’s Defence Weekly.

Ruth Addicott

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