Jacob Rees-Mogg says journalism is 'the most honourable profession' as he warns politicians against calling press 'fake news' - Press Gazette

Jacob Rees-Mogg says journalism is 'the most honourable profession' as he warns politicians against calling press 'fake news'

Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned fellow politicians against accusing the media of peddling “fake news” as he launched a passionate defence of the “public service” provided by journalists.

The Tory MP also suggested he would have liked to be a journalist, like his father and former Times editor William Rees-Mogg, but said he realised he “wasn’t good enough” during a “hopeless” stint at the Telegraph.

Rees-Mogg said he read The Sun before any other newspaper because it “has its finger on the pulse of the British nation in a way that other papers don’t”, but also took in the Mail, Times, Telegraph, and Financial Times.

He singled out Westminster journalists in the lobby, and the Press Association’s Commons press gallery team, who do a job that can at times be worse than “watching paint dry”, for the services they provided.

He also stressed that politics in the UK would be “pointless” and a “dictatorship”, without journalists holding politicians to account, and insisted that reporting was “the most honourable profession to be going into”.

Rees-Mogg told postgraduate journalism students at the Press Association in central London: “They [politicians] shouldn’t say that it’s all made up by the press because it’s very, very rarely made up by the press.

“They have usually been told by somebody, that person may have got it wrong, but you read the newspapers and I’ve got to know how the lobby works in the last few years – the lobby in the House of Commons is fantastically well informed, they know what’s going on, and they print what they have been told reliably and they check it.

“It’s not just they meet one backbench MP who says X, Y and Z, they check it, they confirm it with Downing Street, all these things go on and then it sometimes gets denied – usually it’s the denial that is false, not the story in the first place.”

He went on: “I also have some sympathy with the PA because I don’t know if you know this but the PA always has a journalist in the House of Commons on a rota system.

“That is a real public service, some of the speeches you’ve got to sit through, including some of mine – amazing, you’d be better off watching paint dry – but nonetheless the PA does this and then if somebody says something controversial and newsworthy, you’ve got it.”

Rees-Mogg said he chose the “easier” career of being MP for North East Somerset after a failed attempt at journalism.

“I wasn’t good enough,” he said.

“I did think a bit and I spent a couple of months with the Telegraph where I was actually briefly a diary columnist assisting Quentin Letts.

“I didn’t know a diary story if it bit me in the leg, I was so hopeless, and my father wrote so beautifully and easily and I just was never in that league.

“So, no, I had to do the easier career of politics.”

He added that journalism was “the most interesting thing to do”.

Picture: Reuters/Hannah McKay



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2 thoughts on “Jacob Rees-Mogg says journalism is 'the most honourable profession' as he warns politicians against calling press 'fake news'”

  1. How on earth can Rees-Mogg call journalism an honourable profession when the journalists of the News of the World commit criminal acts by illegally hacking into celebrities’ phones, when the tabloid rags, The Telegraph, The Times, the Sun etc, call the highest law officers of the High Court, enemies of the people and encourage the public to threaten those who oppose Brexit, among many other despicable acts perpetrated by editors and journalists of these rubbish papers. Mogg is a joke as a politician and God help us if he ever becomes leader of the Tory Party. I have been a lifelong Conservative voter because it was a party of the centre. Now it is an extreme right wing party and, quite frankly, I will never, ever give my vote to this rabble. They are an absolute disgrace to democracy, totally incompetent as a government and so inept that they do not deserve to be in power. I am now a convinced Liberal Democrat supporter and my sincere hope is that the Tories are absolutely decimated at the next election, although the alternative might not be better. We need a Liberal Democrat government in order to restore sanity to the British political scene.

  2. Congratulations to Jacob Rees-Mogg for recognising, using his own words,

    “I wasn’t good enough,”

    ” I was so hopeless”

    Utterly disliking the nauseating right-wing, in my opinion, extremist who presents, I verily believe, a grave and significant danger to the well-being of my run-down and increasing corrupt country with daily expanding sleaze, particularly in local government.

    There is an urgent and immediate requirement for a Centralist pro-EU political party where honesty, ability and genuine commitment to serving the public is paramount. Lib Dims are too insipid.

    I equate Jacob Rees-Mogg with Nigel Farage and with Adolf. My country needs quality personnel not right-wing raving supercilious nutters.

    Shame St Helena now has an airport otherwise we could, and should, have packed Jacob Rees-Mogg off there – perhaps as Her Britannic Majesty’s representative to ponder whether it might rain ‘today’. Obviously a strenuous 7 days a week full-time job.

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