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Is this why Racing Post editor hates 'pathetic' forum?

The following story appeared in the April edition of Press Gazette


Racing Post editor Bruce Millington recently listed his ‘sporting wishes for the year ahead”. It included his wish that Betfair, the betting exchange website, ‘does something about its increasingly pathetic forum’which, he claims, features comments from ‘people who are not safe to be let loose with a crayon let alone a keyboard.

‘How a respectable company like Betfair … allows itself to play host to such feeble, nasty, predictable, pocket-talking, barely regulated, anonymous viewpoints is utterly beyond me.”

Why does Millington hate the Betfair forum?

Could it be comments like this, from someone called Mydogsgotnonose: ‘The editor of the Post should have a good look at the self-indulgent waffle that millington writes and assess whether he is really up to the job of regular RP columinst.”

Or perhaps he is upset by the reaction to the troubled relaunch of the Racing Post website, culminating in it crashing on Champion Hurdle day at Cheltenham (‘I’d like to apologise for the downtime the site suffered on Tuesday afternoon’he told readers).

When the site crashed, angry punters phoned the paper, prompting yeahyeahwahtever to post this message on the Betfair forum: ‘that poor (and yet amazingly professional) woman on the switchboard deserves a medal! Can I suggest the right testicle of Mr Millington, artfully crafted into a pendant. And if they feck up again this week, we’ll have the other one and she can have a set of earrings.”



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