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Ipswich Evening Star celebrates 125 years

Ipswich’s Evening Star newspaper will publish a celebratory edition and kick off a series of local events to mark its 125 year anniversary today.

The first issue of the Evening Star of the East went on sale in Ipswich on 17 February, 1885, at a cost of half-a-penny.

The paper will today give away an eight-page supplement to readers reliving some of the Star’s past glories.

This will be followed by a series of features detailing the history of the paper and reliving some of the coverage it has provided over the years.

To mark the Evening Star’s anniversary BBC Radio broadcast its breakfast show live from the paper’s offices in Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, to kick off a series of special events due to take place throughout the year to help celebrate the role the newspaper has played in the community it serves.

Messages of goodwill poured in to the paper from the public and senior political figures including the Prime Minster and the leader of the opposition, David Cameron.

Nigel Pickover, editor of the Evening Star, wrote on the paper’s website today: “I have to report that everyone at The Star is touched by all the support and love shown for one of Britain’s truly great regional newspapers.

“But as we cut a great Evening Star 125 cake today our first thoughts – and a heartfelt thank-you – go out to friends at home, abroad and to readers and advertisers alike.

“For without you, there would be no Evening Star – and the world, from an Ipswich and Suffolk perspective, would be a duller place … with dark things going on unnoticed and unchallenged in many walks of our local life.

“On the front page and inside this newspaper today are a series of extra pages celebrating The Star’s incredible journey.

“We’ve moved from a world of text only on our first day, as The Star of the East on February 17, 1885, to the ability to use black and white photographs in the early 20th century and on to full colour in the last years of the 20th century.

“Along the way we have adapted to a print and a web in tandem, with our award-winning online service attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

“Next month we move to a mobile platform too, showing how The Star will be on a continuing journey of progress and innovation.”