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Ipswich Evening Star adds Felixstowe edition

Archant Suffolk’s Ipswich Evening Star has launched a new edition for readers in and around port town Felixstowe.

The new six-days-a-week Felixstowe edition will give greater coverage to Kirton, Falkenham, Bucklesham, Nacton, Levington and Newbourne, as well as events in the town itself.

The new edition will be overseen by Felixstowe editor Richard Cornwell and become the only variation on the paper’s Ipswich-focused main paper.

‘It is a very important project and we have even more exciting developments to come in the weeks and months ahead,’said Nigel Pickover, Evening Star editor.

‘It’s a big investment in Felixstowe but we firmly believe the town has a bright future ahead of it. It’s a crucial time, too, for the resort.

‘There is a lot of discussion taking place about growth, about new housing, schemes to provide new jobs, a move to regenerate the resort and the seaside attractions to bring even more visitors to boost its economy even further.

‘Businesses in the town are still struggling in the face of recession and we want to help and support them through our newspaper and our websites.

‘We want to work with Felixstowe and the community because it’s a very special place to live and visit.”

The Evening Star, which celebrated its 150th anniversary earlier this year, was relaunched in September reshaping publishing norms by moving its weekday classified supplements to a bumper Friday edition.

Despite this the circulation of the Evening Star dropped 9.3 per cent year-on-year during the second half of 2009 to a daily average of 15,920.