IPC launches goodtoknow to target 'real life' readers online

IPC Media’s consumer division IPC Connect has launched a new web site targeting ‘mainstream women’who read real life magazines called goodtoknow.

‘We know that there’s a mass market of mainstream women who buy real life magazines because really they couldn’t care less about how well Posh and Becks have received in Hollywood and they know their lives will go on even if they don’t have the latest purple ostrich-skin handbag.’IPC Ignite managing director Eric Fuller said last night.

‘We discovered that although there are 8.5 million mass market women online in the UK, they have been switching form site to site and couldn’t really find anywhere that would answer their needs. That is a very substantial gap that goodtoknow will fill,’he said.

The site has vertical sections – health, diet and food – but will evolve in response to its users’ requirements.

‘Our vision for goodtoknow is that the site will ultimately connect these women to both professional experts and to each other as experience experts – to make their lives that little bit easier,’said Goodtoknow publishing director Oswin Grady.

Head of the creative development the site is Pick Me Up editor June Smith-Sheppard.

Smith-Sheppard said: ‘Unlike magazines – which require up to two years to take to market – digital developments need to be much more fluid and agile. We’re launching something that women will find genuinely useful right now, and the site will develop and grow rapidly in response to how these women use and engage with it.”

IPC Media has launched a number of web sites for its established print brands, including Now, Marie Claire and InStyle. Together these sites are attracting 750,000 users every month.

The Now web site has 340,000 unique users, up 105 per cent over the past six months, Fuller revealed.

IPC has also launched a number of online portals pooling content from its magazines, such as ShootingUK.co.uk and HousetoHome.co.uk, which now claims 189,000 unique users.

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