Investors Chronicle gets web and print overhaul

Investors Chronicle has boosted news content on its website and increased advice for readers with the magazine on how to manage their capital.

The website has undergone a complete revamp, with increased daily updates, analysis and extended coverage of alternative investments such as funds and bonds.

The site has also introduced an interactive forecasting tool so readers can get more involved and do their own forecasts. The new additions will be available only to subscribers.

Although content on the site was previously available to non-subscribers, it was limited and included a lot of duplication.

Investors Chronicle editor Matthew Vincent said the revamp could lead to changes within the team, which now has to post stories online as well as in the magazine. “We are looking at how we are going to organise the editorial team. It will certainly be a case of adding more people,” he said.

Vincent said the new system would give the magazine more flexibility in terms of breaking news as and when it happens, instead of having to wait until the print deadline.

He claimed there would be little overlap, adding that the content on the site would complement the articles in the magazine.

Investors Chronicle has also introduced a series of “jargon-free” sector reports and expanded its coverage of capital and alternative investment such as pensions, bonds and insurance policies, by incorporating the monthly Capital supplement into the magazine. It will form a weekly part of the title, becoming the second largest section.

According to publishing director Caspar de Bono, the investment was a result of demand from investors, who wanted to learn more about investment techniques and opportunities that go beyond buying and holding shares.

“Our readers have on average £180k of liquid assets. The investment in Capital is to help them manage this capital more effectively,” he said.

A new educational Masterclass supplement will replace Capital and be distributed with the magazine every month.

Vincent said one of the phrases that kept cropping up from investors in research was, “If I don’t know about it, I won’t invest in it”. “We did a whole load of research and found that even sophisticated private investors had a greater need for educational material. We thought they might buy it in a book but they said they wanted it on a more regular basis,” he said.

Investors Chronicle is a weekly and has an ABC of 40,649. Its website is at


By Ruth Addicott

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