Indolent on Sunday

ACCORDING to the July ABC figures, the sale of the Independent on Sunday has dropped by 19.98 per cent year on year to just 160,395 copies a week. No doubt the inquest into this decline still rumbles on, but I might be able to give the marketeers a clue.

On the first week in August, my copy of the newspaper had, in its news section, a seven-page spread on the ‘best and worst summers’ accompanied by minimal text, and then a double-page spread on the so-called 70s revival (which doesn’t actually exist: if anything, we’re in the midst of an Eighties upswing) with even fewer words.


I reckon there were fewer than 10 ‘proper’ news stories in the entire issue. And meanwhile hack Katy Guest complains in her op-ed piece that she ‘can’t afford to smoke”. I’m not surprised. If the outlay on quality journalism in the IoS is reflected in the salary levels of its staff, I’m amazed she’s even able to eat.


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