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In the Beeb we trust

A year
after the Hutton report condemned the BBC’s journalism, the corporation
remains by far Britain’s most trusted source of news.

When 2,178
adults from across the country were asked to name a news provider they
trust, 624 nominated the BBC – putting it more than 500 votes ahead of
its nearest rival.

Lord Hutton’s report slated the BBC and vindicated the Government after Andrew Gilligan said Number 10 “probably knew”

its claim, that weapons of mass destruction could be launched by Iraq in 45 minutes, was false.

But one year on, the BBC has a trust rating that Downing Street would be likely to envy.

director of news Helen Boaden said: “This is wonderful news and
demonstrates the fundamental value our audiences place on our core
values of accuracy, impartiality and independence.”

BBC Two’s Newsnight was the top news programme, with 39 respondents saying it was trusted.

Press Gazette /YouGov survey also revealed that Sky News has
established itself, not only in terms of audience reach, but in terms
of trust. It was the next most popular answer with 112 votes, well
ahead of any other rolling news channel.

A Sky spokesman said: ”
Sky News is delighted that it has been rated so highly by viewers in
the nationwide poll, and that the results show it is considered the
UK’s most trusted 24-hour news channel.”

The only other TV news
provider to rank strongly in the survey was ITN, which came seventh
with a score of 75 (votes for ITV News, Channel Four News and ITN were

The Daily Mail, coming joint third, was the only
popular newspaper to figure strongly in the survey. The Guardian
managed to tie for pole position in the printed press despite having
less than one sixth the circulation of the Mail.

According to
Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger, the issue of trust could decide which
publications prosper in Britain’s busy newspaper market.

He said:
“In a modern media environment trust in journalism is extremely
important, and the news organisations that have it will thrive. Those
who don’t will be viewed with increased suspicion by readers and

Daily Mail managing editor Charles Garside said: “We
trusted our readers to respond when we launched our Tsunami Flood Aid
campaign at Christmas and they have done so magnificently, so far
donating more than £8million, which is probably a world record for a
newspaper appeal. We are naturally delighted by our position in your
survey, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that so many people trust the
Daily Mail.”

The other qualities, The Daily Telegraph and The
Times , both ranked well with scores above 100, leaving The Independent
some way behind on 63 and the two top-selling red-tops, The Sun
andMirror, also figuring in the top ten, on 37 and 33.

editor Robert Thomson said: “Newspapers are clearly one of the most
trusted forms of media. I’m not sure that a quickie poll is the most
accurate measure of public sentiment and would prefer to rely on our
increasing circulation as an indicator.”