Immigration minister praises Sunday Mirror for fake ID undercover investigation

The immigration minister has praised the Sunday Mirror for an investigation which exposed a gang selling fake identity cards to immigrants in Britain.
The paper spent two months under cover, with investigators doing a £1,000 deal for a fake Romanian ID card
The Sunday Mirror team took their evidence and undercover footage to Immigration Enforcement and Greater Manchester Police.
Three people have since been charged with possession or control of an identity document with improper intent and remanded in custody.
Immigration and security minister James Brokenshire said in a statement: "I am grateful to the Sunday Mirror for helping to uncover evidence of suspected dealing in false documents.
"The arrests show that we will take swift and robust action when suspected ­immigration crime is brought to our ­attention."
Mirror weekend editor Alison Phillips said: "This was a great result at the end of a lengthy, detailed investigation by Sunday Mirror reporters led by Simon Wright and Dominic Herbert.  
"Stories like this can be costly and may take months to pull together but they are at the heart of what the Sunday Mirror is trying to achieve.  
"We have had a huge response to this investigation from our readers who are both furious at the ease at which fake ID can be bought but also pleased that the Sunday Mirror has acted to expose it."
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