I was in The Priory with pack outside

From: JD Subject: Absent friends I rather liked Axegrinder’s piece
on The Priory (Press Gazette, 7 October), as it brought back fond
memories (fond only when not remembering trying to have a piss while
being watched by a nurse).

When I had my five-week stint inside
in 1998 (exhaustion, obviously), I had the pleasure of all my pack
colleagues being parked outside on the perfectly manicured lawn the
entire time too, thanks to the fact that a certain Coronation Street
star was in there at the same time.

Did I get a page lead out of
it? No – that would be breaking patient confidentiality. But I did get
a splash and a double-page spread much later, courtesy of a completely
different Corry star who was admitted long after I’d left. Talk about
good contacts.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

JD Freelance

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