Hull scores with youth sports supplement

The Hull Daily Mail has boosted sales by launching a weekly 16-page supplement devoted to youth sport.

Editor John Meehan said the new Tuesday pullout has boosted sales on that day by 1,500 copies.

Research by the Northcliffe paper has revealed that there is a potential audience in East Yorkshire of 11,000 children who regularly play rugby and football.

Meehan said: “Several regional newspapers now publish midweek local sport sections but very few, if any, really concentrate on junior sport. HotShots does.

“We aim to provide an absolutely unbeatable names and faces service of news, features, reports, pictures, scores, scorers, team line-ups and league tables.

“We plan to highlight the successes of young stars-to-be, as well as the efforts of those who may not be as talented, but are equally committed to having fun and keeping fit through sport.

“The product is a great newspaper sales driver and also an excellent public service in encouraging youngsters to enjoy exercise and stay out of trouble through sport.”

An extra member of staff has been recruited to the sports desk, trainee Philip Buckingham, to bring in content for HotShots.

As well as football and rugby league and union Hotshots includes coverage of swimming, motor racing and boxing. There is also a regular page devoted to girls’ football.

The centre-spread of each week is a “match of the day” report on a junior football or rugby game, including reaction from team managers and fans, and the attendance.

Sports editor Stuart Rowson said: “We treat it like a Premiership game. The kids absolutely love it.

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