Hull heroine wearing flip-flops and a cardigan

By Sarah Lagan

Hull Daily Mail reporter Harriet Jones was called in by police to
help end a siege, after a man armed with a knife barricaded himself
into his home and refused to come out unless he could speak to someone
from the paper.

Steven Santos, who has suffered from schizophrenia for 30 years,
threatened to hurt himself unless he could tell the paper about his

Jones (pictured) told Santos she was not there to trick him, but to listen. He alleged he had been assaulted in prison.

At the end of the talk Jones promised she would call the Home Office and police services and look into his allegations.

said: “It was incredible to see the police negotiations up so close. I
was so impressed with their patience and presence of mind. I was
totally focused on the job, although when we were at the door it did
cross my mind that the police around me had stab-proof jackets and
shields and I was wearing flip-flops and a cardigan.”

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