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Hugh Grant 'banned' from reading Daily Mirror

The Daily Mirror today printed a ‘not wanted’ poster for actor Hugh Grant banning him reading the newspaper and branding him a ‘full-time whinger”.

It comes after Grant’s repeated attacks on the tabloid press over the last week. On Monday he said in a Radio 5 phone-in ‘we don’t want them and the sooner they go out of business the better”.

The Mirror hit back today by declaring: ‘He is henceforth banned from reading the Daily Mirror”, and it described Grant as an ‘ex-prostitute user, part-time actor and full-time whinger”.

If Grant is found with a copy of the paper, readers are instructed to tell him: ‘You are Hugh Grant. This is a family newspaper. Sleazy low-lifes who believe they should keep the sordid exploitation of a woman prostitute private (just because they are rich and famous) are banned from reading the Daily Mirror.”

Readers are then told to ‘confiscate the paper and disinfect immediately”.

The posters, which feature Grant’s police mugshot after being caught with prostitute Divine Brown in 1995 – have been put up near Grant’s London home.

Former Mirror editor Piers Morgan said on Twitter on Monday that he had banned Grant from appearing on his CNN chat show ‘in perpetuity’and he described him as a ‘tedious little man”.