How's this for a bad review? Home of columnist shot at after she disses locals

The home of a newspaper columnist has been shot at after her local community took exception to being depicted as morons in her latest book.

A blast from a shotgun damaged the letterbox of Liz Jones, former editor of Marie Claire and regular columnist for the Mail on Sunday.

The incident followed publication of Jones’ book, the Exmoor Files, in which she mocks her local community.

The book documents her life in Islington with her younger husband, her divorce and her eventual move to Exmoor.

She wrote of her new home: “If men have teeth in the West Contry it’s a bonus” and that shopworkers: “have learning difficulties and have never heard of Illy coffee”.

Jones has said that her comment about toothless farmers was just a joke but the attack has left her so distressed, she is thinking about moving.

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