How to Pitch to Wallpaper*


International glossy magazine covering design, fashion,

travel and technology


Tony Chambers

Pitch to:

We have various section editors, so the best thing to do is to check the masthead and do an an_other@wallpaper.com sort of thing, depending on what section you want to approach.

Type of article:

I’ll be honest – it’s beyond rare that we commission ideas from new freelancers, but an idea might start a dialogue and other stuff comes up.


We cover design, architecture, travel, fashion, food, and beauty. But I can say for definite: Don’t even think of sending in an idea unless you really know the magazine well. Pretty much all our ideas come from staff or an established pool of freelancers.

How to pitch:

By email please. To the point. 


Send a follow-up email or two a week later. And then leave it. If we like it we’ll get in touch and we always try our best to be polite and tell people if the idea doesn’t work for us.

What will impress:

You have to be really intimate with the magazine. It has a pretty unique take, tone and subject matter. And you need a good track record.

What won’t impress:

If you offer something very similar to something we just did because we just did it. If we can’t have the story exclusively.

Rates: 50p a word

Images: Reference/scouting images are useful sometimes but we pretty much shoot everything ourselves.

Any other info?

I have sounded pretty discouraging but we do use freelancers. And when we trust them, we use them regularly.

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