How to pitch to: Theme

Pitch to:

Me –

Type of article:

Anything related to our subject matter – bars and restaurants, and the business of running them.

How to pitch:

An email with a 100-ish word synopsis of how the proposed feature might unfold.


A follow-up call and/or email a few days later.

What will impress:

I’d certainly expect knowledge of the industry and our magazine – there’s no excuse, given the amount of content on our website – and especially an appreciation that we are a trade title, not consumer. Good writing skills, ‘breaking-up’an article with fact boxes, mini CVs and sourcing relevant pictures of decent quality will all impress.

What won’t impress:

Ideas that are based on press releases that I would have received or events which I attended. Excessive badgering, especially during busy times. Poor spelling – I’m pretty old-fashioned in that respect. Sending huge email attachments without prior warning.


Typically a two-page feature would be no less than £200 for 1,000 words.


It is usually something that we like freelances to assist with.

Any other info?

Don’t be disheartened by rejection. An average issue might only include four or five articles by freelances, of which 80 per cent are by regulars, and space is always tight, so opportunities are limited.

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