How to pitch to Real People

Pitch to: Vicki Laycock, our commissioning editor, at or call 020 7439 4585.

Type of article: We take exclusive real-life human interest stories written in the first person, generally from a woman’s point of view.

Topics: Sex, love, relationships, families and kids, funny events, medical miracles, crime and murder – all of those extraordinary events that happen to ordinary people.

How to pitch: Email is easiest. Keep it short, sweet, and to the point. We need to know ages, prices, if other mags are interested and if the people involved have ever told their story before. If they have – or even if it’s due to appear anywhere – then it’s important to know who to and when. If you think there’s a quirky line or possible angle in the piece, let us know. We will contact you if we are interested. But if you think your story is a cracker and you need an answer immediately, just call.

Post-pitch: We get hundreds of stories offered every day. It’s a lot to go through, so bear with us. But again, if you really do think we are missing out on a story of the week, then call and prove us wrong.

What will impress: Strong, fresh, interesting ideas.

What won’t impress: Tired old topics that we’ve all heard a million times before.

Rate: It depends. Anything from £100 for a good tip-off to thousands for a well-written opener that makes a cover.

Images: We need good collect shots for all stories, and although we often do our own shoots, it’s down to the freelance to collect all of the family photos that we might need when they do the interview, if not before.

Other info: We generally pay the subjects of our stories, so freelances need to liaise with us about rates. We also expect them to be signed up on exclusive Real People contracts. Again, if you have something we like, we will talk you through exactly how to do all of this. Freelances also have to provide any legal documents, such as divorce papers, that we might need from people involved.

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