How to pitch to: Front

Pitch to:

Either to front@frontarmy.co.uk or sam.coare@frontarmy.co.uk. Or both. Or neither.

Type of article:

Mainly 2-3,000-word features, and occasionally celebrity interviews. We don’t do any first-person ‘I had a wacky adventure LOL’features that other men’s magazines seem to like, because they’re really, really awful.


If it’s interesting, funny, sexy or smells bad we’ll give it a look.

How to pitch:

A reasonably detailed email, or through our adamantium ESP helmets.


We’ll read everything and get back to you – if you don’t hear back immediately, don’t fret. And have a bloody wash.

What will impress:

A horse that can dance! Imagine!

What won’t impress:

Having no idea what the magazine is about, and anything that gives us the impression it’s been farmed around loads. Any email that begins ‘Dear Loaded”.


Loads, fucking loads. Like, more than any amount you can count up to, probably.


Generally not – we’ll happily commission photographers and illustrators. Relevant contacts come in handy though.

Any other info?

Every cloud has a silver lining, you can’t be older than you weigh, there were 140 episodes made of the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters, and eating cheese before bed doesn’t really cause nightmares. It’s a filthy myth.

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