How to pitch to FourFourTwo magazine

Pitch to: Matthew Weiner, deputy features editor (matthew.weiner@haymarket.com), or Louis Massarella, features editor (louis.massarella@haymarket.com).

Type of article: The majority of the magazine is written by freelancers so we’re very receptive to pitches. As well as interviews with the game’s big names, we’re always on the look out for fun newsy features, colour stories and interviews with celebrities who are genuine football fans. It’s football mainly, but you can come at it from any angle you like. Recently some of our best stories have been about the Iraqi national team, the Priest World Cup and the history of football teams run by comedians.

How to pitch: Email’s best. A good feature pitch should be short and sweet. Imagine you’re pitching the story in an elevator. If you can’t successfully explain it in 30 seconds or a hundred words you need a rethink. A catchy headline always help, too.

Post-pitch: We’ll always get back to you, but if we’re in production it might take a couple of days.

What will impress: If you’ve got a clear idea where your feature could appear within the magazine’s format.

Rate: 25p per word published.

Images: No, but if you’ve got any suggestions that’s always helpful.

Other advice: FourFourTwo is published on the first Wednesday of the month and we work with a six-week lead time.

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