How to pitch to: Fabulous Magazine

Pitch to: At Fabulous, freelancers pitch direct to me at caroline.corcoran@news-of-the-world.co.uk

Type of articles: Real-life stories, topical trend reports, lifestyle – including diets, travel and body-issue pieces. We have a broad age range of readers, but typically will be between their 20s and 40s. We take celebrity interviews too and those should be pitched to associate editor Rachel Richardson (rachel.richardson@news-of-the-world.co.uk)

How to pitch: I prefer email, with a paragraph including all the basic info – name, age, basic summary of the story. Make sure you flag up anything about the story that could make a headline or coverline. Always attach a picture, especially if it’s a case study.

Post-pitch: If you’ve not heard back, send an email to chase.

What will impress: Picking out the headine or a strong angle demonstrates a good grasp of what makes a good story. Attach pictures and give basic facts in a short but precise email.

What is a turn-off: Not knowing the market. No-one expects freelances to know the magazine as well as staffers, but pitching something that’s way off the mark gives a very bad impression. Stories also MUST always be exclusive.

Rate: Totally depends on the story, but average for a DPS real-life would be £700 to £1,000.

Images: Freelances need to supply initial images so we can decide if it’s a case study-based feature.

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