How to pitch to Diva Magazine

Pitch to: Jane Cyzselska, editor (jane@millivres.co.uk) and/or Louise Carolin, deputy editor (louise@millivres.co.uk)

Type of article: Diva commissions freelances to write a range of interviews and features. We rarely accept unsolicited material, but when we do, it’s usually original travel features or interviews and general features that are of interest to our gay/bisexual readership.

Topics: A wide range, from interviews to reportage, humorous and real-life features.

How to pitch: Email. A short, punchy paragraph or two.

Post-pitch: Send another polite email.

What will impress: Guaranteed interviews with reader-relevant A- and B-list celebrities. A clear, polite, relevant, original pitch, two months in advance of our on-sale date. Familiarity with the magazine.

What won’t impress: Pitches addressed to previous editors. Pitches that show the journalist doesn’t know or read the publication. Rambling emails. Rudeness.

Pay: £150 per 1,000 words.

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