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How to pitch to CNN Traveller

Pitch to: Dan Hayes, editor, at or call 0207 613 6949

Type of article: Travel with some sort of news peg. The magazine is produced on behalf of CNN and looks to take a lead from the news channel’s brand values.

Topics: Travel linked to an issue or event. For example: conservation projects, sustainable tourism, architectural and design innovations, vanishing cultures, exploration of little-known regions.

How to pitch: Best to do this via email after having had a look at for an idea of recent stories and themes. Pitches need to be in-depth enough to demonstrate what the story is, why it is relevant to CNN Traveller readers and who is likely to be quoted within it. It’s also helpful to know if you are looking to submit photography with your story and/or have a plan on how to source original images. The magazine has various defined sections so it’s worth tailoring a pitch to fit in with one of these.

Post-pitch: We get sent lots of pitches of every day, so it occasionally takes time to sift through the options. We try to respond to emails as soon as possible, but if you think you have a great idea that’s been allowed to slip through the net you can always give us a call

What will impress: Stories that are topical, insightful, intriguing and have a solid link to an issue of the day.

What won’t impress: Stories that have been rolled out 100 times before and breathless first-person accounts of stunning views and azure seas.

Pay rates: Really depends on length of the story and whether you’re supplying text, images or both.


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