How to pitch to: Body and Soul - Press Gazette

How to pitch to: Body and Soul

Pitch to:

Email our editorial assistant at

Type of article:

We consider commissioning anything, from news features, first-person stories and case-history based features to comparison pieces. I would expect the writer to demonstrate a clear idea of where their story fits in to our section.

How to pitch:

By email.

Post pitch:  

If you haven’t heard anything after a couple of weeks, then it’s worth phoning or emailing again. If you still don’t hear back then it’s probably not something we can use.

What will impress:

A pitch with a very clear idea of what and why. ‘New’is essential. I’ll be impressed with someone that gives me an idea of how the piece will be structured, how it’s going to take shape and who they’re going to talk to. Any possible side-bars or boxes are important.

What won’t impress:

Spelling mistakes. Something very vague and woolly – if you suggest a topic such as ‘herbal medicine”– and long lists of ideas are off-putting. One really convincing idea is better than 10 sketchy ones. We’re a very research-based section and expect all our pieces to have statistics and studies to back them up.

Rates for pieces:

On average, about £350 for a one-page piece, with 1,000 words maximum.


No, but writers should have thought about pictures.

Other info:

If you’re writing for us for the first time, it has to be on spec.