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How the media treated me

Some of the stuff that has been written about me has been way off the mark. Some reporters' tactics have left me questioning my faith in human nature.

overall I'd say my experience shows that a public perception that
journalists shouldn't be trusted is wrong. My picture has been featured
on front pages across the world, and most of the reporting has been
pretty fair.

That said, I've lost count of the times I've read about a "special bond" between me and Davinia Turrell, when there is no bond.

after survivor Gary Holness was revealed to be a convicted rapist, it
was like open season on anyone connected to the rescues.

A daily
tabloid rang me and taped me refuting their claim that I'd faced a
minor criminal charge when I was about 14. Because I'd done so many
interviews I knew someone would try and dish the dirt sooner or later.

earlier I'd been offered £20,000 by another paper for a reunion with
Davinia. Now here I was being accused of having a criminal past.

I couldn't believe it.

I know how celebrities feel when they write a book to set the record
straight. Mine will describe my time in the media spotlight.

worst inaccuracy I've seen reported was in Grazia last week — that I'd
had death threats after my image appeared on Al Qaeda's website.

must have been a misunderstanding. I said my picture was featured on
extremist websites, but I never mentioned Al Qaeda or death threats.

the same story appeared on the magazine's front page and was reproduced
by the Daily Star and in The Independent on Sunday, it was a huge shock.

done lots of interviews and Grazia was the only one which rang alarm
bells, especially as it was written in the first person.

 Photo: Edmond Terakopian