How to pitch to: Wired UK - Press Gazette

How to pitch to: Wired UK

It’s a monthly consumer magazine with a focus on new technology, ranging from science to business to architecture and music

Editor: David Rowan.

Pitch to: All ideas should be sent to This is checked regularly and relevant emails are forwarded on to the right member of the editorial team.

Topics: Science, technology, culture, architecture and design, business, politics if it impacts on trends – basically, anything and anyone that will shape and change the way we live our lives.

How to pitch: Send significant stories as early as possible with the best possible access. Plus, don’t forget that visuals are important as well as words.

Post-pitch: Please don’t try and call a member of the editorial team to check if your idea has been looked at. We can assure you that it will, and we will be in touch if we are interested or need to know more.

What will impress: Exclusivity and ideas in plenty of time – we are working way ahead of the usual three month lead time for monthly magazines.

What won't impress: Anyone who assumes that Wired is a gadgets magazine.

Rate: Undisclosed.

Images: Yes please.