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How to pitch to: Wanderlust

Monthly travel glossy for independent-minded and adventurous travellers. Lyn Hughes is editor-in-chief, publisher and co-founder.

Editor: Dan Linstead

Pitch to: Submissions@ FAO Dan Linstead, editor. We run approximately 40 commissioned features a year, yet receive that many submissions and proposals in a week – so the odds are long.

What types of articles do you look for? First person travel articles on long-haul / offbeat destinations, ecotourism and authentic cultural experiences (2,000 words), plus authoritative consumer features on travel subjects, eg flight booking, travel insurance, disabled travel (700- 1,000 words). The consumer features may be less “glamorous” but we get very few proposals for them and the demand is huge. More details at

How to pitch: See wanderlust.

Post-pitch: Wait a couple of weeks and then follow up by email. We’re a small team, so if you don’t hear back you can assume the story’s not for us.

What will impress: Knowing our market – having read the magazine and checked our coverage of a subject against the archive on the website. We don’t cover spas, golf, skiing, honeymoons or travel with toddlers – ever. Beyond that, a concise, confident, topical pitch that offers to inform me about an area or subject I haven’t seen covered before.

What won't impress:  “I’m going to Peru next week. Do you want anything?”

Rates: 22p per word for narrative features. Others by arrangement.

Images: Helpful but not a must.

Other useful info: We’re a specialist title read by exceptionally well-travelled people, probably bettertravelled than you. Don’t patronise them, and be meticulous with your facts.