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How to pitch to: The Knitter

A newly-launched magazine aimed at experienced knitters looking for a challenge.

Editor: Juliet Bernard

Pitch to: Juliet Bernard at Send a CV and examples of published work – it doesn’t all have to be craft-related.

Topics: Pitches need to be knitting-related but can cover designers in the news, emerging trends in fashion and the home, knitting techniques, an aspect of the history of knitting – anything which you think will be of interest to experienced knitters who are looking for a challenging and interesting project.

How to pitch: Send a short synopsis outlining your idea with a working title, but no attachments please.

Post-pitch: Send a quick reminder email. We’re only a small team but we will reply to everyone.

What will impress: Knowledge of our title and the market – just because our readers like knitting doesn’t mean they aren’t aspirational or design aware. Any topical features reacting to recent developments in fashion and the craft market which could lead on to interesting or unusual directions.

What won't impress: Anything too mainstream or subjects that have been done to death by other publications in the sector, nor are we interested in old ideas rehashed. Our readers have great imaginations so talking down to them won’t work either.

Rates: Based on the piece.

Images: Indicate where images are required and what type you would like to help support your article. We will do the rest.

Other info: The Knitter is new and we’re still finding our feet, but we’re very aware that we’re talking to a dedicated consumer who knows what they want when it comes to knitting, so we need to make sure that we’re targeting that reader with timely features and patterns.