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How to pitch to: Guardian Money

A supplement that comes with the Saturday paper and focuses on a range of traditional and consumer related money topics.

Editor: Patrick Collinson,

Pitch to: Me, Patrick Collinson and copy in the deputy editor Rupert Jones.

Type of articles: Features

Topics: We’ve broadened beyond “old-fashioned” money into a much wider consumer brief with pensions at one end and consumer issues at the other – utilities or mobile phones for example. The Guardian doesn’t have a dedicated property section, so we would cover most property features as well.

How to pitch: An email with three to five ideas, fleshed out with top line and a par on each.

Post-pitch advice: Give it a day or two, then phone and just ask what we think. There’s more chance we’ll take one of your ideas if you give us a couple to choose from.

What will impress: I’d always look for someone who’s thinking about the whole package – layout, sidebars, devices, any methods to make it lively.

What won’t impress: If someone only sends one idea and then doesn’t follow it up – I’d just ignore that email. Simply sending an email doesn’t mean that editors need to reply.

Rate: The Guardian follows NUJ-negotiated rates, so we have formulas that work out at around £290 for 1,000 words for a new commission. Images: Not necessary, but you should suggest ideas, be that for graphics, photos or images. We can then commission them in-house.

Other info: There’s no point in pitching when we’re really busy or going to press – Mondays and Fridays are best. Bear in mind too that it’s a very seasonal product – we have varied pagination – so don’t waste your time pitching during high summer or over Christmas.



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