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How to pitch to: Essentials

Glossy women’s monthly featuring articles on style, health and real-life stories

Editor: Jules Barton-Breck

Pitch to: For features, email For health, email

Type of article: We commission out virtually all of our general interest and health features – between 500 and 2,500 words. We only accept ideas from published journalists and don’t take uncommissioned features.

Topics: We have one celeb a month (no D-listers). Our readers love first-person stories (about over-30s only) that make them sad then happy (only positive endings please), plus relationship and money advice.

How to pitch: Brief outline via email. If it has a case study we’d prefer to see pics.

Post pitch: If you haven’t heard anything after a couple of weeks, phone or email again. If you still don’t hear back then it’s probably not something we can use.

What will impress: Anyone who understands who the reader is and what kind of features we usually run.

What won’t impress: Freelancers who get stroppy when we don’t respond. And stories presented as new and exclusive when they’re not.

Rates for pieces: £350-£750, depending on word count and how much research is needed.

Images: Our picture editor will take care of what goes in the mag, but we always need to see case history pics. They might need to be photographed, so they have to be up for that.

Other info:We don’t pay interviewees and we buy all rights wherever we can.



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