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How to pitch to: Daily Express health

A middle-market tabloid with a circulation of 739,025. Health pages are published every Tuesday.

Health features editor: Laura Milne

Pitch to: Laura Milne (laura.milne or Kate Bohdanowicz (kate.

Topics: Nutrition; exercise; personal health – cancers, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis etc; new treatments or surgical procedures; celebrity-led stories, and case studies.

How to pitch: Email with casestudy pictures, where relevant.

Post-pitch:We try to respond to freelance pitches within a couple of days. Give a mobile number.

What will impress: Topical ideas appropriate for our readership. An idea pegged on new research or a recent news story will go down better than something you just fancy writing. A clear and concise summary of what the feature will contain is essential and strong case studies help.

What won’t impress: Ideas which have appeared in the section recently or on topics we don’t cover, such as beauty, shopping or lifestyle. Ideas or case studies which have appeared elsewhere.

Rate: £400 for a page (around 900 words); £500 for a spread (1,600 words)

Images: No, just contact details for any case studies or agents/ PRs for celebrity interviews.

Any other info: Think about how your idea could be illustrated. If you can’t see how it will work on the page, then the chances are, neither will we. Think about breakouts or fact boxes, especially in a spread. Nobody wants to read 1,600 words of straight copy – no matter how well written it is.