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How to pitch to: The Bookseller

A Nielsen B2B weekly publication about the business of bookselling and publishing

Editor in chief: Neill Denny

Pitch to: Tom Tivnan, features editor (

Type of articles: Anything about the business of publishing and book-selling. Currently, we’re particularly interested in content related to our digital strand. Pitch articles that look at how booksellers and publishers can make their businesses better and ideas related to cultural things which are new.

How to pitch: Email in the first instance. Generally, we have a full-features list for a month and a half in advance. If you haven’t heard wait a week or so before getting back in touch.

What will impress: Research the magazine – know what we are about and what we’ve done recently.

What won’t impress: I get a lot of pitches which make it clear that the pitcher does not know the magazine. They might pitch something which is consumer, or just pitch a profile about a writer. We do profiles of writers, but we do them in a certain way. Recently, somebody pitched a great idea, but it was one we had just done – a little bit of research by that freelance would have saved her a lot of time. Some people call me Tim and that irritates the hell out of me – if you can’t be bothered to know exactly who you are pitching to, then don’t bother.

Rate: 24p per word. Features are typically 800 or 1600 words.

Images: We handle the images unless it is something specific (for instance, if a writer is interviewing somebody, they might send over some photographs).