Hourly news and Paxman in new podcast plans by Beeb

By Zoe Smith

The BBC has unveiled new plans to test out hourly news bulletins which will be available as podcasts later this month.

The announcement comes as the corporation embarks on the next stage of its downloading and podcasting trial.

Simon Nelson, controller of BBC radio and music interactive, said: "Downloading and podcasting are potentially fantastic ways for us to make our on-demand programmes as accessible as live radio always has been."

Following the success of the podcasting service launched last May, which saw Radio 1’s Chris Moyles’ show downloaded nearly half a million times in one month, the corporation is eager to continue the momentum by launching a new round of programmes.

They will include 29 more radio programmes and highlights packages such as an hourly news summary from the BBC World Service and Jeremy Paxman’s podcasting debut in a weekly, audio-only download, featuring the pick of the week’s interviews from Newsnight.

The trial allows listeners to download shows and subscribe to regular podcasts.

A space for ad hoc programming has been included in the trial.

The first to fill this slot was Jeff Randall’s interview with Rupert Murdoch for Five Live’s Weekend Business programme earlier this year.

"In extending the trial, we’re offering some of BBC Radio’s most distinctive programming and a broad range of shows to cater to most tastes," said Nelson.

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