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Home Office targets police with glossy 'tabloid'

Sharp End will be launched this week in a tabloid-style attempt by the
Home Office to reach police officers on the frontline.

The six-weekly glossy magazine, produced by contract publisher Square One, will focus on police force reforms.

Jane’s Police Review has criticised the move, claiming police readers will never trust an official publication.

But Sean King, commercial director of Square One Group, said the magazine would be “different to any other government magazine”.

added: “Creatively it will represent the best elements of a tabloid
newspaper coupled with the clear and easily accessible stylistic appeal
of a mid-market Sunday supplement, while including the ‘punch’ of
celebrity lifestyle magazines.”

Editor Steve McGrath, who was
previously editorial director at Rare Publishing, said the task of
engaging a “very, very cynical” police audience was challenging.

He added: “It’s a fine line we’re walking but following our research we’re confident that it will go down well.”

Catriona Marchant, editor of Jane’s, said she was uncertain whether the
magazine reflected the “voice of the frontline” as claimed on the

She added: “At first glance it has the look and feel
of a music or style magazine aimed at a teenage audience – like a Smash
Hits or young NME.

“A lot of taxpayers’ money must have gone into this project which may have been better spent on policing.”