Herald digital chief: Training is essential

"Juggling resources and editorial priorities" will be the biggest challenge of the next 12 months, The Herald digital media editor Gordon Mack has said.

Mack told the Society of Editors conference: "Yahoo — the web's highest traffic site — employs 9,000 employees and Time Warner — the second highest — employs 85,000. Where does that leave us at The Herald with an editorial production team of two, a quarter share of a developer and a single full-time ad manager? Because remember Craigslist, the seventh busiest site in the world, employs just 18 staff."

Mack said The Herald — one of the first newspapers on the internet 12 years ago — is still growing fast, with monthly unique readership of the website up 45 per cent year on year to 500,000.

He said: "Training — a regular soft target in the rounds of budget cuts — will need to attract a much higher business priority if we are to keep pace with the need for multi-skilled journalists, as well as ensuring that our commercial teams fully share our objectives and abilities."

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