Heinadg helnadg heuladg...production balls-up of the day - Press Gazette

Heinadg helnadg heuladg...production balls-up of the day

Another exhibit for Axegrinder’s dark museum of production howlers – this time from Northcliffe’s ThisisGloucestershire website. It’s got the lot: dummy headline copy, pic up the wrong way round and mistakes-a-plenty in the caption.

Sadly, this has been a year of regional press production cock-ups. And it can be no coincidence that it has also been the year of sub-editor redundancies and the creation of remote subbing factories – particularly at Northcliffe.

Here is the link to the story, which hopefully will be fixed soon (writing at 12.50pm) has now been fixed.

Among several comments are Kath from Cheltenham writing at 8.57am: “TiG, This is the second time in less than a week that you have shown a nonsensical headline like the one above. When your last proof reader left did he turn the lights out??



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