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Gyimah's site beats US rivals

A British website developed by David Dunkley Gyimah that “foreshadows the future of the internet and broadcasting” has won the top award for innovation in journalism at the US Batten Awards, writes Caitlin Pike. – created by Gyimah – beat USA Today, Newsweek and the Miami Herald, plus 61 other US entrants for the honour.

Gyimah was the only UK finalist at the competition, which was held at the Washington DC State Press Club.

site – an interactive online news magazine featuring video reporting
from around the world – impressed the Batten judges, drawn from the
Chicago Tribune, The Media Centre at the American Press Institute and and other US media.

The judges pointed to the site’s
convergence of broadcasting and magazine publishing, its opinionated
articles and “aggressive” video pieces.

Gyimah said of “The site glimpses the concept of how interactive
video news will deliver content that users can drill into for more
reportage – a bit like a hypermarked script, giving traditional news a
run for its money”.

The Batten awards highlight the use of new
information, ideas and technologies involving citizens in public
issues. The awards themselves are administered by The Institute for
Interactive Journalism at the University of Maryland.