Guardian special to commemorate day of terrorist attacks

September 11:a stand-alone magazine

The Guardian has compiled a stand-alone special commemorating the events of 11 September and intends to give proceeds from the £5 a copy, 68-page glossy magazine to the Red Cross.

For the month after the terrorist attacks on New York’s twin towers and the Pentagon, reporters, academics, novelists, historians and poets wrote articles for The Guardian which have been incorporated into the special, called simply September 11, alongside Guardian analysis and comment.

Rusbridger told Press Gazette: "There were so many rich pieces of writing that people have written to us about. We thought they might want to go back and re-read them."

He suggested the idea and the special was put together  in a week by travel editor Charlie Burgess, G2 designer Roger Browning and Guardian designer Mark Porter. "I thought it was beautifully laid out, beautifully produced and I have been back and read every piece and think it holds up remarkably well," said Rusbridger.


By Jean Morgan

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