Guardian reveals new look ahead of Berliner relaunch

Dominic Ponsford
The Guardian has unveiled its new-look ahead of Monday’s relaunch in Berliner format.
And the paper has revealed that the relaunch will be accompanied by the largest promotional campaign in its history.
Circulation wise The Guardian has a mountain to
climb. In August circulation dropped to a new low of 341,698 compared
with 380,522 in August 2003 – the month before The Independent launched
its tabloid version.
The new look includes a radically different masthead – in blue rather than black.
Editor Alan Rusbridger said: “The new titlepiece
is the final element of our redesign and completes the new modern look
of the paper. The new font, Guardian Egyptian, is we believe, elegant,
intelligent and highly legible.”
Guardian Newspapers chief executive Carolyn McCall said: “This
has been the most significant investment for GNL – not simply in presses
and print sites, but in our journalism, design and the way in which we have
communicated with our readers.”
In a Press Gazette interview this week Rusbridger
revealed that the move to mid-size Berliner format will also signal a
move towards the political middle ground for the traditionally left
wing paper.
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