Guardian in early push for Berliner

has been cancelled for key journalists at The Guardian as the paper
begins one last push to reach Berlin – or, more precisely, Berliner.

Newspapers claimed this week that the longawaited size-change to
Berliner format is up to a year ahead of schedule and will be completed
by the autumn. The Observer will change to the Europeanstyle size, in
between broadsheet and tabloid, in early 2006.

It is set to
coincide with the second anniversary of The Independent compact launch
inside London (30 September 2003), when it began taking readers from
The Guardian.

Since then the gap between the two papers has
narrowed. In September 2003, The Guardian was selling 395,304 to the
Indy’s 215,567. Today the gap is 372,562 versus 263,043.

Guardian/Observer size change will also mean a redesign of both papers.
It has involved more than a year of planning with dedicated teams
working on the projects.

According to one insider, Guardian holiday requests for staff are being turned down.

source who has seen the newlook paper said: “It looks really good, the
second section is quite unusual and looks like a book in the new size.”

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