Guardian blogs editor: Newspapers 'in denial' about need to invest in online communities

Newspapers are “in denial” about the need to invest heavily in an online communities, Guardian Unlimited blogs editor, Kevin Anderson has warned.

But it would be wrong for papers to think that online success was a “silver bullet that could save their business model”, he said.

Speaking at the Guardian Changing Media Summit, Anderson said the press was having to keep up with rapidly changing new technology and adjust their business plans “in a way that has never been discussed in most news organisations before.”

Anderson said: “Sometimes newspapers are in denial about how they have to get into online. There is no field of dreams on the web. It has reached critical mass.”

He also warned against editors choosing celebrities or well-known journalists as bloggers.

“I would much rather editors have someone in my community, who can make a real connection with readers.

“We have to listen to our audience. We throw things out to audiences like we are zookeepers. We must use that community to improve our journalism.”

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