Group Leisure title is revamped

Group Leisure, the magazine for group travel organisers, has had a makeover and appointed Tracy Archbold as its new editor.

Archbold takes over from former editor Rob Yandell, who has stepped up to become publishing director across the Group Leisure division, in charge of editorial and commercial developments.

The move coincides with a redesign in the April issue, which has a new-look cover, added a section called ‘quirky corner’ and has a new cartoon.

The theatre news and London listings have been expanded and moved to the front of the magazine to give them a more prominent position and an extra page of international news has been added, with a new “global eye” column, bringing the coverage up to two pages in total.

Archbold said there would be more emphasis on theatre reviews and international and regional news throughout. She is hoping the pagination will expand further over the next few months.

“We are making the magazine bigger and more modern,” Archbold said.

The front cover has also undergone a change following a decision to drop the traditional advert which used to appear and replacing it instead with images related to editorial features inside.

“Traditionally the front page has always been an advert. It did work but we feel we can now generate revenue in other parts of the magazine so we don’t need to sell the front cover any more,” Archbold added.

Archbold joined Group Leisure in March 2003 as assistant editor, having worked in PR and written for newwoman.com and local titles.

Group Leisure is subscriptionsbased and has a monthly circulation of 12,000.

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