Grey Cardigan: End of the Piers show


There are so many of us queuing up to kick dear old Piers Morgan up the arse that it’s getting to be a bit of a crowded goalmouth.

His facile ‘documentary’ about Dubai has been rightly pilloried from all sides (with both The Guardian and the News the Screws having a right old pop), but no-one seems to have picked up on this wannabe-Wicker’s impact on the economy of those places he visits. Following his programme on the millionaires’ enclave of Sandbanks in Dorset, property prices have collapsed to the point that The Sun ran a spread last week quoting one of the people interviewed by Piers, quaffing bubbly on his yacht, as saying: ‘I’ve lost the lot, a lifetime’s work.”

And now he’s repeated the trick on Dubai. Property prices are down 40 per cent, big brother Abu Dhabi is busy baling out the economy and those who piled their millions into ridiculous artificial islands are finding that their investments are truly built on sand.

I suppose what I find most offensive about this corpulent clown (apart from the fact that he still owes me two grand) is that the former editor of the Daily Mirror and the man who once took on the goverment over Iraq has now turned into an apologist for slave labour. Of Dubai’s notorious import of cheap foreign labour, where Indian workers are essentially held prisoner by employers until they pay off bogus debts, he says in the Mail on Sunday: ‘All that [abuse] was exposed by the media years ago and Sheik Mohammed took action. There is a hotline for workers to call now if they have complaints. From what I could deduce, these complaints are now acted upon.”

Marvellous. A ‘Cones Hotline’ for fucking slaves. Did you ‘deduce’that, old boy, from your cosy chats with the royal family’s various princes, as broadcast on the show? What a cock.

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