Great story but where is the evidence?

Lee Gordon, in his comment piece (Press Gazette, 29 April), asks us
to consider “orphaned girls living inside the Green Zone – within
spitting distance of British reporters – who are used for sex by US

Cracking story if true.

Gordon complains the tale has yet to see the light of day because our media has fallen into a self-imposed silence.

but if he is right, the conspiracy would have to encompass not just the
Bush lackeys of Fox News, but also the bleeding heart liberals of The
Guardian, The Independent and the BBC.

Are we really to believe
that all these independent-minded reporters are suppressing a
career-making story simply in order to avoid embarrassing the USA?

can easily solve the mystery by supplying some facts. He says the story
has been corroborated by whistleblowing troops. Who? Where? When?

are we to conclude that this is just another tedious example of the
rabid anti-American propaganda which passes for journalism in many
publications these days – sadly including Press Gazette?

Bill Carmichael Skipton, North Yorkshire

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