GQ gives IDS a makeover

GQ will create another stir this week with its digitally enhanced shots of Iain Duncan Smith, writes Ruth Addicott.

The new issue features the Conservative Party leader in a parka and a pair of combat pants from Top Man, to encourage him to get down with ‘da yoot’.

He can be seen sporting four new looks: Country Iain, Urban Iain, Yuppie Iain and Tory Iain.

Yuppie Iain offers him the chance to win over young, wealthy urbanistes, in a low-cut vest/tank top, a military jacket in “soft chocolate suede” and a pair of “loose, flowing, silky trousers”, with shades, complete with catchline: “You can be a lover and a fighter, Iain.”

Urban Iain sees him wearing a parka, a camouflage T-shirt and combats with old school trainers and chunky G-Shock watch. It advises: “You’re not going to reach ‘da yoot’ in a suit, Dunc. Show you’re from the street. Just like Britain’s future potential Tory voters.”

Tory Iain features IDS in an Aquascutum pinstripe suit, a silk tie and briefcase – for a mere £995. And Country Iain shows him in a tweed waistcoat, a tweed jacket and bright blue cords.

The article concludes that there hasn’t been a tonsorially challenged PM since Alec Douglas-Home in the Sixties and advises the Tory leader to invest in “a syrup”.

The idea follows the success of its Tony Blair makeover in September.

Ruth Addicott

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